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"Let the world see you in all of your glory."

Comedian and actor Jim Carrey, someone thought to be going insane by the public eye, said something simple during a commencement speech he gave that moved me to the point of tears a few years ago when I was in a dark, spiteful place.

“Let the world see you in all of your glory.”

That short sentence, heard at the right time, was enough for me to begin changing how I viewed my life. If I couldn’t love myself and what I do unconditionally, truly loving other people or the world I live in without possession or entitlement was near impossible. I wanted to change that.

When I first picked up an old Wham-o Frisbee when I was a child and became wildly enamored with it, I had no idea it would eventually become the guiding force behind some of the biggest events in my life and save me from the choking grip of depression in my early 20’s. From leading me to some of the most breathtaking parts of the country, to connecting me with beautiful souls I’ll likely stay connected with until old age, to giving me something to forever satisfy my constant urge to be active and creative, the flying disc has been a catalyst for teaching me how to cultivate true happiness and love. For that, I am deeply grateful.

For the past two years I’ve been trying to take baby steps towards letting the world see me fully immersed in my element. I took a new job with a wonderful company to begin saving my money, traveled more to take my disc golf game to the next level, signed on with a wonderful disc golf company (Discraft) and attempted to connect with as many passionate, happy people as possible. My end goal was to have a strong financial foundation and support system to begin attempting to commit every ounce of my being to spreading the joy the flying disc brings me to the world. In a month, after two years of patience and persistence, I’ll finally be there. I’ll be leaving my job to travel the country, play disc golf professionally and get involved with a project that will combine my passion for working with children and teaching. I am excited, terrified, but determined to make something happen. If nothing long term comes out of this, I can look back and rest easy because I can say I did it. The memories, experiences and connections will be worth more than any dollar amount I could earn.

My tentative schedule for 2018 is listed below. Smaller events I haven't heard of yet will likely be added in the future. If you’ll be at any of these events, come see me so we can play catch :)

Feb 28 - Mar 3 Memorial Championships - A-Tier (DGPT) - Scottsdale, AZ

Mar 17 - King of the Canyons – Unsanctioned – Lockport, IL

Apr 7-8 – Ozark Mountain Open – TBD – Vichy, MO

Apr 20-22 - The Rumble - A-Tier - Moline, IL

Apr 27-28 – Illinois Amateur Championships - A-Tier (Teaching Clinic) – Peoria, IL

May 5-6 - Cinco! Cinco! - B-Tier - Woodland Park, CO

May 12-13 - Motherlode Pro – A-Tier - Grass Valley CA

May 16-20 - Masters Cup – NT - Santa Cruz, CA

May 25-27 - San Francisco Open - A-Tier (DGPT) - San Francisco, CA

Jun 8-10 - Beaver State Fling - NT - Estacada, OR

Jun 22-24 - Utah Open - A-Tier (DGPT) - Marriot-Slaterville, UT

Jun 30th - IL State Championships - B-Tier - Lockport IL

Jul 6-8 - Great Lakes Open - A-Tier (DGPT) - Milford, MI

Jul 13-15 - Silver Cup – A-Tier - Manotowoc WI

Jul 20-22 - Idlewild Open A-Tier (DGPT) - Burlington, KY

Jul 28-29 - Charlie Vettiner/Wendell Moore Open - A-Tier - Louisville, KY

Aug 3-5 - Music City Open - A-Tier - Nashville, TN

Aug 9-12 - Ledgestone Open - A-Tier (DGPT) - Peoria, IL

Aug 24-26 - MVP Open - A-Tier (DGPT) - Leicester, MA

Sept 3-8 – Professional Disc Golf World Championships – Major - Jeffersonville, VT

Sept 14-16 - Delaware Disc Golf Challenge - NT - Newark, DE

Sept 22-23 - Stafford Open - A-Tier - Voohees NJ

Oct 3-6 – United States Disc Golf Championship – Major - Rock Hill, SC

Oct 12-14 - Ed Headrick Hall of Fame Classic - (NT Finale) NT Appling, GA

Oct 19-21 - DGPT Finale - A-Tier (DGPT) Jacksonville, FL

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