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A scatterbrained life update.

I’m not sure why I’ve been struggling to write tour updates this year. Too many new experiences, ideas, successes, and failures to name I suppose and I don’t feel like I possess a brain capable of easily organizing those thoughts to write them out in an orderly fashion. I’ll try to give an update in a more natural way.

Worst finish of the year at Portland Open. Really anxious and distracted that week for many reasons. Didn’t give myself a chance to succeed. Moderate burnout period. Felt very alone.

Took a week off, flew to New Mexico to see an old friend. Drank good beer, played frisbee, hiked an unbelievable trail, and learned a lot about myself that week. Cleared up a lot of distractions I was creating in my head.

Beaver State Fling was a big turnaround in focus. Positive energy from seeing old friends. Playing solid again. Finally got to explore a city I traveled to. New chapter begins.

New tour partner after being solo in the RV for a bit, his name is Chandler. He is kind and understanding. Life began to brighten. Much needed help. Focus and motivation coming back.

Zoo Town Open in MT. Played great. Felt focused and in control of emotions. Montana is amazing. Blue Mountain is amazing. Diamond X is amazing.

Reconnected with someone in Montana. Very grateful I reached out to see them. Life is getting more colorful. Feeling new things. It feels nice.

Came home to IL to see family. Mother went to hospital with unexplained pain. Hard to see someone so sweet in so much pain. Hate seeing beautiful souls draw the short straw. Mother leaves hospital and is okay, but still not 100%. Grateful to have seen her.

Got another Jomez commentary gig for CCR Open. Viewers enjoyed my work. New skills and passion beginning to grow. Feeling creative.

Played great at DGLO. Rough final round but overall great finish. Heading to Europe next week with confidence.

Did commentary for DGLO. Beginning to truly enjoy it. Fans enjoyed yet again.

Flew to Europe alone without lodging plans the Monday after DGLO.

Airport in Finland lost my luggage. Waited 8 hours in the airport. Wouldn’t comp me with a hotel or anything. Very tired and frustrated. Spent too much on a hotel room. Too exhausted to care.

Took the ferry to Estonia. Finally feeling at peace. Found lodging arrangements with US players.

Estonia is grimy yet beautiful, reminds me of an older, prettier Philadelphia.

Went clubbing with close friends in downtown Tallinn. Crazy experience. Left club after sun came up. Tallinn is incredible.

Played abysmal at the Estonian Open. Felt like a total fish out of water. Not sure why everything felt so difficult.

Finnish disc golf culture is insane the absolute best way. Our sport has a bright future.

Rushed my practice rounds. Didn’t feel like I was at a major. Didn’t feel conscious that week. Going through the motions.

Worst tournament performance all year at European Open. Friend of mine from Czech Rep. came to caddy for me and had to watch me play like an amateur. Embarrassing. Worked so hard to not come close to making the cut. Confidence flew out the window. Couldn’t throw a disc to save my life. Course was incredible though.

Flew home disappointed and fatigued. Tough week but extremely grateful and happy to have gone.

Happy to be back in the states. Practicing more focused. Playing well. No distractions or worries. One more new tour partner, Tim. The three of us get along really well. Kind people are good.

Idlewild goes well. Decent finish. Recorded great podcast with AJ. Falling in love with being on the microphone.

Signed up for Music City Open. Headed to Nashville. I love Tennessee so much. Amazing people, amazing experiences. Might be my favorite place on earth. Not exactly sure why. Great finish. Life feels balanced, I am extremely content. Motivated yet again to keep learning, growing, improving.

More commentary gigs coming in. Receiving tons of positive praise for my work. Feeling impactful, valued, loved. Recorded podcast with Eric Oakley. Went extremely well. Daydreaming about making a living from podcasting.

Worlds week.

Turned off social media. Stuck heavily to daily routine. Played great. Felt like a true professional. So much positivity. Father came to visit and watch. So happy to see him excited. Rough final round, let emotions control my decisions but 38th in the world sounds good to me for now.

Life is moving so fast. Feels like I blink and everything changes.

I welcome change. I am healthy and I am happy. I feel motivated and focused to keep reaching for more.

I love the life I’ve chosen. I am still all in.

A new chapter begins soon.

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